What is a Bundle?

Why would I use a bundle?

If you're looking to add length and volume to your hair, bundles are a great option. The lengths you choose will determine how the cut of your hair will look. Some people like to choose different lengths for dramatic layers. Others choose the same length for slight layers. No matter what you choose, you can cut, colour and style this hair however you want.

What is a Bundle?

Think about a bundle the same way you think of a pack of hair extensions. Each bundle is 100 g of virgin remy100% human hair, no matter the length. The part of the bundle that is sewn is referred to as the weft. You will need more bundles for longer styles. 

Bundles can be installed with the sew-in method, glue in, micro-ring or a number of other techniques. You could also convert your bundles to clip-ins after time.  

Are bundles for me?

If you've never used hair extensions, you could start with clip-ins as an easy way to test them out. Bundles can be installed by a hair stylist or you could put them in yourself.

They come in 1 really long weft, rolled into the shape of a bundle.  Some choose to cut the bundle into manageable pieces while others prefer sewing the bundle into a braided base, by folding it back and forth.

Take a look at our guide to see how many bundles you might need. 

How long will it last? 

We source only the highest quality hair to ensure our bundles last a long time. From a year to two years and beyond, our beauties use and reuse their hair extensions. By treating them like you own and washing, conditioning and trimming regularly, your hair will be around for many different styles.


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