What's the Difference Between a Partial Weave & a Full Weave?

When choosing your protective style, you may want to start by leaving some of your natural hair out, to master the technique of blending your hair extensions. If you'd rather cover all of your own hair, you can finish your weave and leave none of your hair out.

Partial Weave

A partial weave style will allow you the flexibility of parting your own hair and using it as a bang if you leave out a good amount. Or, you can leave a small amount just to cover over the tracks/weft of your hair extensions. You can complete this style using only hair extension bundles.

Full Weave

A full head of weave means that none of your natural hair will be left out. There are a few ways to complete this style, some techniques using only wefts and others with closure pieces. The closure options include lace closure, silk closure, lace frontal & 360 lace frontal.
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